1 Question: How long is the warranty on a Freejump Trampoline?
Answer: we are proud to be the only trampoline to offer a full 10-year warranty on every component
2 Question: Is a Springfree Trampoline as bouncy as a traditional trampoline
Answer: Freejump Trampoline provides a bounce similar to a traditional, spring-based trampoline in terms of how high you can jump. More porosity means it pumps less air and instead gives the energy back to the jumper. You can get a lot more height with more porosity. Springfree Trampoline mat fabric provides porosity equivalent to traditional trampolines of the same size
3 Question:How long will it take to self - install a Springless Trampoline?
Answer:It takes two people about 40 minutes
4 Is free shipping available on all orders?
Free shipping is available on all new trampoline and accessory orders within the continental USA. Spare parts are subject to a shipping charge
5 Question:Is the Freejump Trampoline weather-resistant? Can it stay up through all seasons?

Answer:All components of the FreejumpTrampoline are weather-resistant, including UV stabilized mat and net rods, a galvanized and powder-coated steel frame and a UV stabilized polypropylene mat and safety enclosure.

Your Freejump Trampoline can be used all year and does not need to be covered or packed away even during the harshest summers or the coldest winters. Freejump  Trampoline mats can hold quite a lot of weight, but in very heavy snowfalls you will need to brush off the excess snow (with a soft-bristle brush, not a shovel) to avoid extra tension on the fiberglass mat rods located beneath the jumping surface.

6 After placing the order, how long will it take to receive the goods?
After receiving the order, we need a preparation period of 1-3 days, through FEDX delivery, delivery time is about 1 week, a total of 10 days you can receive your trampoline